50mm Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are among the most popular blinds in the world today. It’s not hard to see why – they have a classic charm to them, are easy to maintain, and there is a great amount of variety to them, with various types of wood being quite distinct from each other – enough to form the basis of many different styles despite being technically the same material. Our 50mm wooden blinds are perfect if you’re looking for a bold statement that will nonetheless fit into any home. Thanks to the intricately designed mechanism, you can control the amount of sunlight that enters your home without effort, It doesn’t matter if you want something in oak, bamboo, ot any other type of wood – you’ll find the blinds of your dreams in our offer

How they work

  • Our 50mm wooden blinds operate on a mechanism that is installed in a 51 x 57 mm made of steel, which is hidden behind a wooden balance – operating them from this position is a breeze
  • The mechanism is manoeuvred using a string and wand. You can raise and lower the slats with the string, while the wand is used to change the angle of the inclination of the blinds
  • If you don’t feel like closing or opening your blinds manually, we offer the option of implementing an electrical drive
  • The maximum surface that our 50mm wooden blinds can cover is 12.5 sq. m

Selection of Wooden Blinds 50mm

Colours of Wooden Blinds

How to measure and install Wooden Blind

Wooden Blinds 50 mm Retro


System Retro – in which the steal rail is replaced with two wooden head rails together with elegant metal mechanism. This is more exclusive type of wooden blinds 50 mm. The blinds are manoeuvred with the strings.

The maximum surface that can be covered is about 5,5 m2.


Selection of Wooden Blinds 50mm Retro

How to measure and install Wooden Blind Retro

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