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Blinds a valuable accessory for any interior. They help complete a room with their looks, on top of giving you the option to finely control the amount of sunlight that enters your home, which also allows you to regulate your interior’s temperature. Vertical blinds are the perfect way to add a modern look to your interior while giving you all the benefits of regular blinds. Though they’re most commonly found in offices, they can be perfect for homes as well.

How they work

Vertical blinds work differently from regular blinds due to their unique structure.

  • They are rotary blinds comprised of a control mechanism and vertical strips
  • The control mechanism is mounted in the headrail
  • The strips are referred to as slats and come in widths of 89 mm or 127 mm
  • They can be made from various types of fabrics, including eco-friendly or fire-retardant
  • The mechanism is operated using a string, allowing the user to rotate each slat by up to 180 degrees.

With so many fabrics to choose from and a mechanism that’s so well-designed, our vertical blinds are perfect for any home.

Gallery of Verticals

How to measure and install Textile Verticals

Ease of maintenance

We offer some of the best, most reliable vertical blinds in the UK, and part of the reason for that is the fact that they are incredibly easy to maintain. Made using materials that are easy to clean, these vertical blinds are a practical solution for any interior. Simply use a sponge or wipe to quickly get rid of any dirt or stains and your blinds will soon be back in perfect shape. This makes them ideal for kitchens and other areas that get dirty easily.

A safe solution

If you have a family, safety is undoubtedly one of your top priorities. Among the items in your home that you want to keepchild-friendly are blinds. Our vertical blinds are some of the safest in the UK, with options that keep the string hidden away so that accidents can be prevented. Contact our experts and we’ll help you choose a vertical blind solution that will provide you with the optimal level of safety for your home.

Colours of Verticals

Verticals Strings

Vertical strings blinds


Strings are combined together forming slats of width 89 mm and length up to 3 m. Thanks to a wide range of fabrics a variety of colour compositions can be created.

Examples of Vertical strings blinds

How to measure and install Vertical Strings

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