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Pleated blinds is elegant and functional window covering

Pleated window blinds are among the most elegant and functional types of blinds available on the market. Perfect for any type of window, whether it’s a regular living room window, roof window, or even an irregularly shaped window. Their distinctive feature is their pleating, which has earned them their name. Though made from one piece of fabric, they have a harmonica-like structure, allowing them to neatly fold up in a space-saving manner. This gives them a look that’s perfect for both contemporary and classic styles. If you’re looking for a solution that will make your windows appear bigger and your room more spacious, pleated blinds are the way to go.

Thanks to their unique shape, pleated blinds don’t completely block out sunlight – instead, they filter it in a subtle light, allowing your room to be drenched in gentle sunlight, creating a very inviting atmosphere. This doesn’t mean we don’t offer variants that will work well in a bathroom. Our pleated window blinds come in blackout variants too, so you can drown out all lights and fall asleep in peace.

At View Designs, we offer one of the biggest selections of pleated blinds available in the UK. Choose from a variety of fabrics – whether you want something pastel, glossy, metalised, or something with prints, e.g. for a children’s room, you can be certain that you’ll find exactly what you need in our robust offer.

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Pleated blinds is elegant and functional window covering

Pleated blinds can be applied with all the kinds of windows, including roof windows, winter gardens and unusual shapes of windows (triangle, trapezium, polygon, oval). They are resistant to UV lights, anti-static, slow-burning and easy to keep clean. Due to pleating (or double pleating) blinds significantly reduce the heat flow into the room. They can be installed vertically, horizontally and obliquely. They are easy to install and to uninstall (for example to wash windows).

Pleated blinds can be unfolded from the bottom as well as the top. They are manoeuvred with a string or electrically with a remote. Pleated blinds occupy the least amount of space after folding- they do not obstruct opening of windows.

For pleated blinds we offer pastel fabrics, glossy and metalized fabrics with prints and children’s fabrics.

Blinds (except for the metalized fabrics) should be washed in water without detergents with a use of microfiber or a brush. WARNING! The blinds should be dried only when completely folded.

How pleated window blinds work

  • Our pleated blinds consist of a fabric that is foldable, occupying a very small amount of space when folded up
  • The fabric is available in a variety of styles and colours
  • The mechanism has internal aluminium and a set of hidden strings that is used to operate the blinds. Most of our blind mechanisms come with a honeycomb structure
  • The design guarantees a great amount of thermal insulation, helping increase the temperature in the winter, while decreasing it in the summer
  • The blinds can be folded from the bottom to the top, as well as used for loft windows, making them an elegant, versatile solution perfect for any home

We also offer pleated blinds that have a honeycomb structure with internal alluminium coating and hidden strings. Due to its design they provide great thermal insulation, helping to keep the heat inside the room during winter and reducing the heat flow into the room during summer.

Honeycomb blinds can be folded from the bottom as well as from the top. They can be also used for roof windows. They are lasting, elegant and greatly block out the light.

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