Gates – Product Overview

It is important to consider several factors when choosing the gate:

  • Different types of the openings
  • Appearance and aesthetic (texture and material)
  • Way of manoeuvring (manual or automatic)
  • Panel structure and thermal transmittance (thickness, structure)
  • Security and failure-free qualities (types of springs, endurance and other)


All the gates that we offer have elements that increase the security of usage and ensure fluid movement. The technology used in the gates guarantees a correct closing of the gate. Optional lock is recommended in the gates without additional entrance to the garage. It is operated from both sides but installed from the inside.

Gates that have electrical drives are endowed with anti-stalling switch, which prevents potential accidents caused by crushing.  In case of encountering an obstacle, the gate automatically stops and then raises, not causing any damage.

Another security element in electrical gates is the special lockwhich indisposes opening the gate from the outside- thus protecting against the burglary.

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