Open terrace roofing ideas

Having your own open terrace is almost as fantastic as having your own garden. It’s like having your own piece of fresh air that allows you to be in harmony with nature and all of your surroundings. But there are many factors that make the owners focus their interest on the roofing.  At View Designs, we have a few solutions that will help you get the proper idea of what you might want to choose for your own roof and find the inspiration that you’re looking for. We provide you with numerous options as each of us might live in a different climate have other priorities, aesthetic and values.

Solid terrace roof

Can be made out of many materials, but one of the most desired is ever so popular wood. Wooden roof is really easy to design, construct and install and gives the comfort of protecting the furniture as well as provides shadow. It usually is also extremely eye-catching and warms up the area. Wood looks fantastic when the flora is braided all over it, so we would suggest it as an extra solution for those, who love gardening.

See-through terrace roof

Muchmore airy and more light can be provided by see-through materials. You can decide on the glass, that will be a fabulous contemporary addition to your home. It will protect you from the weather but will allow all of the sun rays to get through. We would advise the glass for those, who live in an area that doesn’t get that much sun. For others, living in much warmer areas, we’d suggest a natural and environmentally friendly half- see-through, half-shading material, like reed or cotton that will protect you from the sun but not necessarily form the weather. It’s perfect for those that use their terrace to relax in the fresh air and nature.

Folding terrace roof

A flexible roofing is a great in-between option for those undecided between the previous ideas. It will protect you and your furniture from the weather and provide enough shade when unfolded, but it will also perform well if you will want to enjoy the sun, as it can be simply folded back. It’s one of those “best of both world”options that are perfect for the undecided as well as for those that need their terrace to be as multitasking as them.

Automatic terrace roof

Don’t forget that with the newest technology you have the option to mix and match everything that we mentioned above with some high-tech! If you decide on a remote controlled roof, you can get all the sunlight and weather protection at the same time! There are endless possibilities to choose from. The installation is simple and it doesn’t need additional house extensions or construction.

It’s really up to you what you choose – it all depends on your needs and priorities. We can advise that you take your time and weight all of the pros and cons of every idea and find what suits you best!