How to properly care for and maintain wooden shutters?

If you are planning on getting wooden shutters for your home then you may want to have a look at how to take care of them.

For those of you that have already decided to outfit your home with wooden shutters, did you know that not only do you have to take care of them, but also perform maintenance on the wood?

Most of us associate wooden shutters with Greece. You can spot the blue shutters outside the house on white walls or in the windows. On warm sunny days, shutters are used to block the heat and the sun. However, many people outside of Greece have also found a use for them.

Taking care of wooden shutters

Nowadays, you can get shutters in all sorts of styles. However, if you choose a wooden shutter, you should know what kind of wood it’s made of.

Every type of wood has different properties, and because of that, they all need to be treated differently.

On a daily basis, you may want to consider not cleaning them with any chemical sprays that may damage the color of the wood or even worse, its structure. The safest way to clean the wooden shutters is with a water-moistened piece of cloth. It will remove the dust and any small stains just by rubbing a little bit harder. However, if you know what type of wood your shutters are made of, you can buy special cleaning supplies for wood, allowing you to rest, knowing nothing will go wrong.


It`s hard to prevent wood shutters from fading because they`re made to block the sun. However, maintaining them isn`t so complicated and this way, you can keep them looking fresh.

At least twice a year (it’s better done before summer and winter time) the surface of the wood should be thoroughly cleaned of all dust, using a mild detergent mixed with water. You don`t want the dirt and dust to damage the lacquer coating. After that, you apply a care product dedicated for wood, which will maintain the color of the shutter and the wood’s structure.

Maintaining wooden shutters should be a natural habit, just like washing the dishes or the floors. No one wants to breathe in dust, however, having it on your shutters with a little bit of wind can guarantee it.