Awnings and pergolas as terrace roofing – we'll help you choose

Have you ever thought that you would have this big of a problem making the decision what to choose as a terrace roofing?

Is the difference between an awning and pergola understandable enough to make the right choice between the two clear?

What’s the difference?

A lot of us don’t seem to understand the difference between an awning and pergola and mix the two definitions up.  An awning is made of a roof-like material, usually cloth or plastic which is supported by a frame and attached to the building, protecting us from the sun or rain.

However, a pergola is very similar to an awning, yet recently people have been using them as an alternative for a  terrace roofing. Pergolas were mostly used as garden structures which climbing plants could grow over and people could walk through. Nowadays, instead of having climbing vines, people hang cloth in order to block the sun.

What to choose?

The biggest factor in deciding which type of roofing is best for you are the advantages and disadvantages of the product you want to buy. You have to look into them and make sure they meet your demands.


Pros:                                                                                          Cons:

+ modern, basic design                                                         the material can fade because of the sun

+ can be kept hidden                                                             

+ doesn`t take up terrace space

+ blocks the sun and rain


Pros:                                                                                           Cons:

+ multifunctional                                                                    – takes up terrace space

+ you assemble it yourself                                                    – the material color may fade

+ instead of cloth, you can have climbing                          – plants may not always grow depending on sunlight

   plants like roses or vines

+ you can change the cloth material

+ blocks the sun

With both awnings and pergolas, you must keep in mind the size of your terrace. It is very important, so picking a pergola for a small terrace won`t be the best decision because you may not be able to sit down with a small chair and table to have morning coffee.

Any advice?

Whether you have decided on an awning or pergola, it must satisfy you because it’s your home, not anyone else’s. You should look into all the aspects before making your decision so that you won’t regret your choice.  In other words, deciding which terrace roofing is best for you may seem difficult at first, but once you think it through, the answer should be obvious.